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Services & Class Descriptions

Group Classes

Body PUMP™

Weight training using high repetitions and low to medium weight to build muscular enduarance.

Class is in person

Cardio/Strength/Core Conditioning

A mix of steady state and HIIT Cardio, Core Conditioning and Strength Training.

Classes are in person

Introductory Mat Pilates

Strength, stability, balance and flexibility 

training using Pilates Principles.  This is a full body workout!

Mobility & Flexibility

Using a combination of Pilates principles, Active, Dynamic and Static Stretching techniques to gently release tension in body. 

Class is in person

Bring a mat & band

or strap.


Low impact dance class. Learn basic movements and how to put them into a short combination.


Int./Performance session coming soon.

Preregistration Required.


Classes are in person 

I believe in equity in exercise, regardless of age, ability or physical fitness level there is always a place for you in my classes. I offer modifications to movements so that all abilities feel included.


Sometimes the hardest part when you're starting out or even if you've been active for a while, is knowing what modifications apply to you and whether or not you should even be taking them. That's why it's important to schedule some 1:1 time.  I offer personal training services to take that guess work out and set you up on a path to successfully meeting your goals.

Personal Training Services

1:1 Personal Training

60 or 30 min sessions

In Person or Online

Receive programming unique to you. Includes workout videos and weekly support and accountability.

Message me below to schedule a consultation to see if this is right for you.

Equipment Orientations

55 Min session

Message for appointment, in person or online

Need help figuring out how to use fitness equipment or have equipment sitting around unused in your home? This is for you.  

Learn to use your equipment and learn how to put a plan together to start seeing significant results. Message me below to schedule.

(Times in PST)

Weekly Class Schedule

For detailed class descriptions and registrations see above

Cardio/Strength/Core Conditioning

Tue & Thurs 5:15 -  6pm


Wed.             12:00 - 1pm    Redmond

Les Mills BodyPump


9:30 - 10:15am     Bothell

Beg. Bellydance


6:45 - 7:45pm      Redmond

Mat Pilates Level 1

Sat.               10:30 - 11:15am


Mobility & Flexibility

Mon.               8:30 - 9:30am


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