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Over the last 2 years many of us acquired home workout gear that has now either sat unused or didn't deliver the results you were hoping it would. Let me share with you some techniques to get you back on track. 



Rollers & Balls

Learn how to use the foam roller & balls for more than just rolling muscles. Learn how to use a variety of round props for strength training and improving your core strength.


Resistance Bands

Learn the different types of resistance bands, what they're for and how to use them to help you prevent injury and  how to use them for resistance training and building core strength.


Free Weights

Learn how to use free weights and why they are an essential item for every home based workout. Learn proper technique and different strategies for how to get the most out of a limited set of free weights. You don't need heavy weights to get a good workout in!

Workshops take place on the 3rd Sunday of each month.  Chose to take all the workshops at a discounted rate or pick one at a drop in rate. Recorded video will be available after each workshop.

Session Fee: $135 for 3, or $47 for one 1.5 hr workshop.
Holiday Special $124.99 thru 12/24 
Purchase series or message below for individual workshop

Purchase Series $124.99
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