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Self Care Gift Guide

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Need ideas for a gift or looking for something new to treat yourself with? I got a few ideas that just about everyone could use regardless of season. All these are products I recommend to clients and there's no affiliate links or any benefit I get other than sharing what I believe are truly beneficial products that I've used.

Get a Massage!

The number one thing I tell all my clients who are struggling with tight muscles, stress, sleep deprivation is, “Get a Massage”! For many of us a massage is a treat. They can be pricey depending on where you live, but the relaxation you achieve from them is beneficial to your overall health. Ideally, I tell clients to go every 3 weeks because the more consistent you are, the easier it is to work out the tightness and the deeper the therapist can go than if you only go in once a year. Plus many health insurance plans will cover a portion or set number of sessions per year.

Release Muscle Tension with Infrared heat

For a less pricey, do it at home option for sore muscles and tension relief, try an Infrared Heating pad. It goes deeper under the skin and into the muscle layer to promote healing by increasing circulation. There’s a lot of varieties out there and at an affordable range of price points. My favorite based on price vs function is the UTK for its addition of Jade and Tourmaline stones to the mat, safety timer, and temperature control.

Try something traditional

Cupping has been used for centuries for tissue healing. If your budget allows, you can visit a massage therapist for cupping or if budget is a concern you can purchase a set of plastic massage cups that allow you to do self cupping massage on sore muscles. Lots of online tutorials abound as do a variety of brands for this simple yet effective technique. This is a great alternative, especially if foam rolling isn’t your cup of tea.

Get Inspired

I’m a firm believer in what you think will become is what will become. That’s why sometimes we need a little help from inspirational material that leads you to take action to be what you desire. My favorite books on these topics are The Confident Athlete which offers up ways to reframe challenges for all people to achieve success and Never Finished, which offers an inspirational way to overcome your mental barriers. Both books are available as eBooks and paperback at all major booksellers.

Move Better, Feel Better

My last gift idea is a bit more personal. I’ve been teaching group fitness for quite some time and group fitness is something that is for everyone and no one in particular at the same time. That’s why I recommend people schedule some 1:1 time with a personal trainer so that they get personalize modifications and exercise plan to help them get the most out of their workouts and move better. I’ve seen the changes in people’s confidence, mood and energy when they commit to working with a personal trainer. Exercise is a major component of stress reduction and when done right, it can increase your energy and leave you feeling with a calmer and more relaxed mind afterwards.

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