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How to know if you need a personal trainer

If you’re feeling stuck, working out but not seeing the results, going to group classes and struggling with the moves or not working out at all, then maybe it’s time to consider seeing a personal trainer. Whether you’re a gym regular or never stepped foot in a gym a personal trainer can benefit you in multiple ways.

Let’s take a road trip! However, before you step on that gas pedal you need a destination in mind.

Identify the problem or goal

The first step in knowing whether or not you need a personal trainer is recognizing you have a problem you want to solve or a goal you want to achieve. The problem/goal can be as simple as, “I want to exercise more regularly, but don’t know how to get myself to do it”. Or it can be very specific such as, “I want to be able to complete a marathon with at least a 5% improvement from my PR”. Having a clearly articulated problem you want to solve or goal you want to achieve will help both you and your trainer develop a plan, stay focused and get the results you desire.

You’ve picked your destination, but there’s no gas in the tank!


Once you have identified a specific problem/goal you want to solve you need to be willing to commit to putting in the work to achieve that goal. Ask yourself, what is the consequence of not meeting your goal? And what is the effect of that consequence on you? A personal trainer has the tools, the methodology and experience to help you achieve your goals, but if you’re not fully committed to achieving that goal, no amount of coaching will get you to completing it. You need to provide the fuel to get the work done on consistent basis. Remember there’s no quick fixes, be prepared to commit to more than just a few sessions to see lasting results.

Choosing the best path to get to your destination


Finding a personal trainer, as the name implies, is a very personal decision. Many trainers carry specializations,or have special skill sets for particular population groups they work with. If you’re a 50 year old woman who doesn’t exercise regularly and is dealing with the effects of menopause, you’d want to pick a trainer who has experience with this population group and working knowledge of how to build a program that slowly progresses someone into exercise. You wouldn’t expect a trainer that specializes in high intensity, explosive exercises such as cross fit or cardio kickboxing to be a good fit.

This is why talking to the trainer about what you hope to accomplish and how they can get you there is important. Also, you want to check and see if your personalities fit well together. You’re going to be working with your trainer for a while, be sure that it’s someone you enjoy spending time with.

Ready, set, go!

Get Started

I specialize in working with women 35+ who are juggling multiple demands and are struggling with their exercise routine. I specialize in exercise modification and building a progressive program utilizing resistance training and pilates for core work to help women develop stronger bodies. My primary focus is resistance training to increase muscle strength. Secondly, we focus on the other aspects of health, such as stress reduction, achieving better rest, improving eating habits and prioritizing self care. I understand how difficult it is to exercise with so many demands on our time. I work with clients to develop a custom program that works around their busy lives. Ready to find out more, then schedule your consultation today!

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